Sunday, November 28, 2010

Da UBoys - (Da UCrew Exposed)

The SweetLyfe Blog had the oppourtunity to catch up with "The Most Controversial Group in UnderGround N.O.L.A. Hip-Hop" and their entourage on location at the video shoot for their single "Pick It Back Up" produced by Sinista. Video footage provided by @11wdNick Tv.

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Tough Tigers

He dropped the mic a la "Sexual Chocolate".

*New Music* Man on the Moon - A.Levy

Here's a leak off of A. Levy's EP entitled "Man on the Moon". Let us know what you think!!

 Man on the Moon by TheSweetLyfeBlog

BLACKout 2010

BLACKout!2010 Lineup includes:
TheSeKondElement (Host)
The Legendary E.F. Cuttin (DJ)
Sunni Patterson (Headliner)
Kourtney Heart
Chelsea Blanco
Bre McClain
3rd Degree (Live Band)

Interview - Thais Mills of LipServiceInk

Tell me about Thai.

I'm a quiet, fun loving nerd from Eastern New Orleans who started a few dot coms. I Love my family, adore my friends and lust books. Literacy is my core passion... 

What inspired you to create Enticing Objects?

I taught Creative Writing and Arts n Crafts to camp kids the summers of going to high school. Me and the kids would make these amazing fun items and camp kids moms started asking personalized art for party favors etc. That was 10 years ago.. Once in college I started producing an open mic ( called LipServiceInk ) that year and offered my " objects " after the show. My stage name is " Enticing " soooooo the rest is history.

What inspired you to start lipSERVICEink? 

After Hurricane Katrina I went from having 5 weekly columns in cool local magazines to none in Houston after the storm. My therapy was losing myself in books... I read more than I ever read in my life.. I read my pain away.. Some of it at least. Literacy intensified in my world. Now 4.5 million bookmarks later I ask all stars what they read.

How would you describe your artistic style?

Losing everything I owned and started over in Houston with no family or friends and only 600 dollars in my account. I'm more humbled now than ever. I take more time to smile than whine and I cater to my family more. 

What can people expect from you in 5 years?

That I'm hopefully alive and well enough to enjoy a crisp breeze on my face with healthy happy friends and family. Each day is a new opportunity to make money, that's easy... The hard part is finding peace within to enjoy it all.

Where do you see yourself in the art realm?

Painting for Kimora Lee Simmons really opened my eyes to how amazing art is. It pulls the common likeness out of any two people. I'm just happy to make a living for something I'd glady do for free. I'm a humble student in the art realm, I'll always be a student of Visual art.

How can people get in touch with you?

Thais: is the magazine, is the art store and is the service. Tae I'm so proud of how you give a window of voice to so many. Long live The Sweet Lyfe Blog !! - thai