Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get Your Shine On

Ok, I'm not big on doing reviews of other folks and things of that nature but this subject I'm about to speak on is kind of upsetting me.

As many of you know, Jay-Z is on tour right now doing the BP3 tour, he stopped in New Orleans on Thursday (Feb 26) and a plethora of things happened that night. He pulled a young lady on stage to spit a few bars of Song Cry. In my opinion, that's a once in a lifetime thing, but in her case, twice. Either way, it's something that wont happen very often. So, while she has been soaking up her local, now nation wide fame, I've noticed that a lot of these media sites have slandered her name. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but c'mon people. To go as far as saying she dissed Beyonce, that's outrageous. Check out her story and her website A Dose of LA, and of course, I will leave you with the video so that you can check it out for yourself and be your own judge.

I personally give her props, sometimes you have "real fans" and to me, she seems like a real fan. Not someone who is out to slander Jay or Beys names but someone who likes the artform of hip hop and of course the skills Jay possesses.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

*Interview* Arie J

Tae: Tell me about yourself?

Arie J: My name is Ariana, but I go by Ariana Jacquel or Arie J in the industry. I am a transfer junior at Southern University and I used to march for Grambling State University “World Famed” Marching Band on trombone. I am a member of three organizations, one underground and two nationally recognized which is N.B.W.A. (GSU’s Trombone Section), N Phi O Music Organization Inc., and the Order of the Eastern Star. Some of my hobbies include music and the arts, dancing and just overall being around people, but my true passion is the Arts, you know, the theater, writing poetry, drawing and anything artistic. Overall, what I am looking for is exposure in Music Videos, Print, Runway, Television, and Commercial.

Tae: How long have you been in the modeling industry all in all?

Arie J: I have been modeling for a year now and I love it and I was actually introduced to it through my frat brother GO DJ J-Weezie. It’s something new and exciting and I love new and exciting and to say it’s only been a short time span, it’s picking up for me very well. It keeps my interest and it’s not something where you can go to school, get a degree and go work, you have to grind for it because anyone can be a doctor or a lawyer or an office assistant, but this is something that you really have to be strive to be somebody or nobody at all.

Tae: I’ve heard that you are an actress; do you have formal training or educational background?

Arie J: I do know how to act proficiently well. I do not have formal training, but I used to do productions in small theaters out of state when I was in high school and I got a lot of great compliments on my roles and it’s something I love to do as well. It’s fun.

Tae: Have you worked for any companies or done freelance for anyone?

Arie J: Since I’ve only been modeling for a short period of time, I haven’t done any work for companies other than GO DJs L.L.C. but I am working hard and grinding hard and I am actually being offered more jobs.

Tae: Is there any advice you would like to give upcoming models?

Arie J: Just keep in mind that it’s a hustler’s job. You have to be a grinder and know what you want out of it. You can’t rely on other people to promote you, you have to make a name for yourself. It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know and who knows you.

Tae: How can people get in touch with you?

Arie J: I don’t really be on MySpace too much, but I am very active on my Twitter which is and Facebook which is

Tae: Thank you for your time and before we go, is there anything you would like to add?

Arie J: Thank you for this opportunity and all of you promoters, DJs, Artists, Directors, etc, get at me!!!

*Interview* Sinista

Tae: Tell me about yourself, where you’re from and how you got started.

Sinista: I’m from the Florida Projects in the 9th Ward, of New Orleans, and I started back when I was 11 years old. My uncle had a studio back in the early 90’s, I used to sneak in and teach myself how to make beats and record.

Tae: What makes you stand out from other producers?

Sinista: I’m well rounded and I can do a complex track just as easy as I can do something simple.

Tae: What category would you place your music and if you could name it, what would you call it.

Sinista: I’m a diehard fan of gangsta music, but I’m good at making my music gangsta as well as radio playable. I’ll call it, Sinista Music, all the music I do have a dark, drama feel to it.

Tae: Who are your top 5 artists?

Sinista: I would have to say, Jay – Z, Young Jeezy, T. I., Lil Wayne, Juvenile

Tae: What kind of equipment do you use?

Sinista: I use Open Labs, Miko and the program I use is Reasons 4.0

Tae: What inspired you to become a producer/beatmaker.

Sinista: I met Mannie fresh at about 11 yrs old at Peaches Record store and hearing Dr. Dre’s, The Chronic and I was like, damn, I gotta do that.

Tae: Is there any advice you’d like to give upcoming artists or producers?

Sinista: Be very aggressive, don’t take no for an answer, don’t sell yourself cheap, get your money. If rappers can afford to buy top of the line clothes and shoes, they can afford to pay you for a beat.

Tae: Who are some of the artist you’ve worked with?

Sinista: Man, I've worked with a number of people Soulja Slim (RIP), Partners N Crime, Ms. Tee, 5th Ward Weebie, Choppa, Magnolia Chop, Juvenile, Hot Boy Ronald, Bun B, Devin the Dude, Trae da Truth, FloRida, Wacko & Skip, Sess 4-5 and a lot more, those are just some.

Tae: Who would you say influenced you the most musically?

Sinista: I would have to say, the great Mannie Fresh and Dr. Dre.

Tae: What upcoming projects are you working on?

Sinista: I’m working on an album for Juvenile as well as my own project that will be released via iTunes.

Tae: How can people get in touch with you?

Sinista: People can reach me via MySpace at , on twitter at and on Facebook at

*Interview* G Gutta

Tae: Tell me a little about yourself.

G Gutta: I am G Gutta, a 28 year-old hip-hop emcee, spokesperson for real issues. I come from a little city called Carver Ranches in Florida maybe ten minutes away from Miami.I represent what I like to call Real Rap. Unlike many of the newer and older artists, I take to the time to look into real issues that hold the youth of our generation down and expose them in my music. Conscience rapper? NO, I speak it in terms that pretty much anyone can understand.

Tae: What got you into music and production work?

G Gutta: I got into music in like 1995, after hearing how many artists back then wrote about problems in their neighborhoods, families, and just spoke from the heart. I was like 15-16 then, and like “damn, I got problems too maybe I should start writing about them”. Not until I got into high school, did I want to actually start learning to produce and put it all out to the world.

Tae: Who would you say has influenced you musically?

G Gutta: As far as influences go, Tupac is the most influential to me. That man is like the epitome of real, he just speaks his mind no matter who’s listening. Andre 3000 of Outkast, Scarface, are a few more artists that really had an impact on the way I write and deliver. Im influenced by most of the artists from the 90’s, these new artists, have no substance in their music so I don’t waste my time listening. Not knocking their hustle though. LOL

Tae: What do you think is missing most from hip hop right now?

G Gutta: ATTN: HIP HOP IS MISSING THE TRUTH! Everybody thinks its all glitz and glam in this game, only because all the artists out now do is show the good side of it. They don’t tell about the grind it took to get there, how shady the folk are in the business aspect. All they do is throw money up in videos, flash jewelry, and show off the cars. Now you tell me, if 100,000 kids are watching you as a role model, is that the message you want to send out to em? Tell the good, the bad and the ugly.

Tae: What upcoming projects are you working on now?

G Gutta: Right now I’m working on a mixtape series called Real Rap. I have no clue how many different volumes there will be but, it’s an attempt to send a better message or image of rap music. The first volume of the series is hosted by Gunplay of Triple C’s, which will be released in the spring of this year.

Tae: How can people get in touch with you?

G Gutta: Well they can follow me on twitter, check out the myspace page and if anybody has any personal questions they can even hit may fan email I’m real down to earth, so holla at me and I will definitely holla back.

Tae: Thank you again for your time, is there anything you would like to add?

G Gutta: Thank you for taking your time to interview me, I appreciate it greatly. I just want everybody checking in to look out for the Real Rap series, if you enjoy good rap music. God Bless You All!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Cupid - Do My Ladies Run This Party

Check out this new track from Cupid!! It's already bouncing in the clubs. Let us know what you think. Follow Cupid on Twitter as well: @NewCupid

*Interview* De-U.C.E. Double

Tae: Who is DeUce Double?

D.D: De-U.c.e. Double is who I've become from grinding half of my life with De-U Records De-U creative entertainer Double.

Tae: Where are you from and how long have you been rapping, well, correction, how long have you been an artist?

D.D.: I'm from Fort Washington, Maryland or as I call it 40. Watt, Murdaland it's a town in PG county just south of DC. I've been rapping since I was small but I started getting more serious around 2000 when I got out of school.

Tae: What makes you stand out from the rest?

D.D.: I stand out from the rest because I produce, record, & mixdown most of my music myself so I create my own sound & nobody on planet Earth can be me. I rap my life plus I've sold 1,000's of CD's & been on the radio with no management, PR, agent, etc. I grind when others whine.

Tae: How would you describe your music style?

D.D.: My music style is undescribeable it's whatever I fell at that time when different elements of my music are created & the songs come together.

Tae: What do you think hip hop is missing?

D.D.: Hip-Hop is missing real people & quality music it's got the good rappers percieved as "underground" & the the old underground is the mainstream right now. Hip-Hop is missing the lesser of both evils & that's De-U Records & rappers from the DMV area in general.

Tae: Who are your top 5 artists?

D.D.: My top 5 all time artists are Pac, Big, JayZ, Scarface, UGK

Tae: What upcoming projects are you working on?

D.D.: I don't know what my next solo project is gonna be called but I just came out with my debut solo mixtape called De-U.c.e. Double "40. Wattage" on 2/2/10 so I'm still not done pushing that just yet. De-U Records as a whole are coming out with some new kids educational Hip-Hop products new CD's, DVD's, Concerts, etc. as well so stay tuned for those.

Tae: How can people get in touch with you?

D.D.: People can get in touch with me thru twitter at

Tae: Thank you for taking the time to talk with me, is there anything else you would like to add?

D.D.: "Hip-Hop ain't dead it just moved to the DMV!!!"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

*Interview* Codac

Who is Codac and how do you stand out from being another run of the mill rapper?

I'm me all day everyday, nobody can be me better than me. I'm that sometimes quiet, goofy dude that loves what he does. MUSIC.

What inspired you to become a rapper?

Its hard to say. I played around with a lot as a kid and began to love doing it the more I got into it. I know that No Limit/Cash Money era had my full attention.

Who would you say influenced you the most musically?

I wouldn't really say influence, but my favorite artist is Mystikal and I've always studied the dudes great flows like Jay-Z, Luda, Eminem, but my main influence is life as a whole. The good the bad, the ups and downs.

What can people expect from you in 5 years?

You will definitely learn more about me as an artist because I strive to get better with every bar. I just pray that the hard work pays off and I can eat and feed my family off music.

What upcoming projects are you working on?

I have my current mix tape entitled  "Weed & Froot Loops" mixed by Ice Mike. The 10 Finger Orchestra project and I'm trying to get on any and every artists' album/mix tape possible. I'm also part of the Crescent City College Tour that kicks off Feb 21st at Cafe Prytania at 7pm and coming to a campus near you.

How can people get in touch with you?

I can be reached on FB @ Codac Izdatruth or hit me up through email

Thank you for taking your time to speak with us, is there anything you would like to add?

I just want thank you for the opportunity and thank all that do and will support. DEUCES!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interview - DJ Jay Skillz

For those that are not familiar with DJ Jay Skillz, tell us a little about yourself.

Jay Skillz:
Ok, I was born in New Orleans, moved to Houston when I was 9. I moved back to New Orleans in 2004 for school. I was a rapper at first and went by the name N.O.Sense aka NO Sense at All. Terrible now that I look back on it. (laughs) I was at Dillard in 2004 and linked up with Mike Swift at the radio station on campus, then from there I gave up rapping and I started DJing lol. That’s the condensed version I guess. (laughs)

What makes you stand out from other DJ’s and Definition DJs in Louisiana and nationwide for that matter?

Jay Skillz:
I think I bring a different personality to it. I’m the only Chopped & Screwed DJ out here in New Orleans, I think. I’m one of the few with my radio show and I’m trying to bridge the gap between the old school and new school. I want to have the people who grew up with Big Daddy Kane, EPMD, Biggie, Pac be able to somewhat identify with the kids today listening to Soulja Boy, The New Boyz, Gucci Mane, etc. To me its all Hip-Hop its just that the music has gotten so full that it can’t just be Hip-Hop anymore. It needs sub-genres like Rock has.

Who are your top 5 artists?

Jay Skillz:
My Top 5 Current would be, Joe Budden, Jay-Z, Scarface, 2Pac, Eminem

Are you working on any upcoming projects?

Jay Skillz:
Yeah, I’ve got a couple projects on the horizon. MDot CDot - Come Take A Ride With Me, The Nobodys Monologues – Lyriqs Da Lyriciss, Unrestricted Free Agents which is mixed and hosted by myself and DJ SlowBoogie. Solo-wise I’m working on Got The Drawers 4 and I’m Just Screwing Around II both Chop & screw records and me and the homie Skeptik has a mixtape on the way. I’m also working with CTE artist Boo Rossini with a mixtape due sometime in April is what I’m shooting for.

How can people get in touch with you?

Jay Skillz:
Of course I’m heavy on Twitter I don’t just plug music lol. I talke about whatever. The Myspace, if people still do that, Facebook The blogs and Also any artists looking to collaborate or send tracks hit the e-mail

Once again, thank you for your time, would you like to add anything?

Jay Skillz:
I appreciate the interview. I wanna thank everybody that’s supporting. Don’t forget to tune into B.S. Radio every Wednesday Night 7-10pm Myself, S-Dubb & J-Hawk. Shoutout to Lyrikill, Tony Skratchere, El Williams, Mike Swift, J-Le, Lyriqs Da Lyriciss, Slangston Hughes, Tygah Woods Radio, Ice Mike, The Definition DJs, The Future Star DJs, SpitRaw, E.D. Nix, Dubb, A. Levy, “The Soundclashers”, LATEX ENTERTAINMENT, Mo City and New Orleans of course.

Interview - Lyrikill

For those that are not familiar with you, tell us a little about yourself.

I am Lyrikill, a 29 year-old hip-hop cultural enthusiast, emcee, spokesperson for real issues, sneaker addict and visionary. I represent the original elements of hip-hop culture (emceeing, deejaying, breaking and graffiti) and its true school renaissance from the southern region. I host a monthly event, called The Soundclash. It is a producer competition, local music showcase, and networking event to build unity in the New Orleans urban music scene. Our event works with established musicians as well as developing talent and we have been able to connect various artists with opportunities in the music industry. 

How would you describe your music?

I call it true school hip-hop music. True in the sense that it pays respect to the past, embodies the cultures and speaks to the people. I am a visual artist as well, so I like to think of my vocal performance through rap being literary and sonic art.

Who are your top 5 artists?

"Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan...cause I spit hot fire...."

My fav 5 emcees are Cee-Lo (of Goodie Mob), the late Big Pun, Ghostface Killah, Nas and Scarface.

My favorite producers are DJ Khalil, Jake One, the late J Dilla, Hi-Tek & Pete Rock (who will be at Soundclash 3/12 at Howlin Wolf).

What category would you place your music in and if you could name the sound/type of music, what would it be?

Its hip-hop music, but very true to the late 80s early 90s roots of the music. Be prepared to hear breakbeats, samples, call & response, punchlines, etc. It's also music that is socially responsible and works to help unify and motivate the listening crowd.

How can people get in touch with you?

My website is and I am on most of the social networks, myspace, facebook, and twitter all at can @reply me on twitter @lyrikill and i'll definitely hit you back. For Soundclash info, visit or email

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I'd like to thank all the people who support music in general, whether it's going to shows, buying music, blogging, promoting or however you contribute. There are tons of artists with relevant music that just want to be heard that get overlooked because of their lack of connections in the industry, so every supporter keeps our culture alive.

Color Complex - Skipp Coon & Mr. Nick

Complex Simplicity - Teedra Moses

Throwback Thursday!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nike SB 2010 Spring Dunk Hi Premium

nike sb 2010 spring dunk hi Nike SB 2010 Spring Dunk Hi Premium
We get a closer look into one of the newer Dunk Hi’s from the Nike SB program. Rumored to be inspired by the whacked out sweaters of Bill Cosby aka Dr. Huxtable from The Cosby Show, the kicks take on a white/black platform with multi-colored textile paneling. Available now through select Nike SB accounts, including Primitive.
17060 Ventura Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316



New Batman Movie Plot has posted what they say are the plot details to the next Batman!!
* The Riddler is the primary villain and he figures out Batman’s identity.
* Arkham Asylum will figure prominently in the story.
* Several classic villains will cameo, including the Penguin and Mr. Freeze (though as Dr. Fries, not as the supervillain).
* Barbara Gordon will have a featured role.
* Commissioner Gordon will mention Metropolis and possibly Lex Luthor.
* Dick Grayson may be in the movie (though probably not as Robin).

10 Hip Hop Artists to Watch in 2010

With 2010 now in full throttle, it's time to examine the sounds and styles of the rappers set to make a splash this year. From Michigan to Minneapolis, these artists are on a mission to conquer mediocrity. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you 10 hip-hop artists to watch in 2010.

10. Buff1

It's hard to ignore the paradigm shift that has seen the midwest rise to the top of the hip-hop podium. Michigan has been a major part of that mix, thanks, in part, to the emergence of Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Hayes (see No.8), Buff1, and others. Buff has been working the underground circuit for years but it was 2008's There's Only One, fueled by its trunk-friendly single "Beat The Speakers Up," that gained him recognition. His next project is a collaborative LP with DJ Rhettmatic titled Crown Royale.

9. M.anifest

M.anifest's hip-hop journey took him all the way from Accra, Ghana to Minneapolis, Minnesota. His style hearkens to the smart lyricism of the Talib Kwelis and the Brother Alis. Not surprisingly, he's already aligned himself with that brand by way of collaborations with Ali. He prides himself as a great songwriter and people are starting to take notice. Minneapolis' City Pages named him the Best Songwriter in 2008.

8. Hayes

I don’t believe that demo tapes are still as powerful as they were in the '90s, but the word on the street is that Detroit newcomer Hayes incited an industry bidding war after circulating his demo through the streets. Hayes’ storytelling (and ghostwriting skills) impressed Dr. Dre and Timbaland and landed him a joint deal with the two sound architects.

7. Cory Gunz

After a decade in the hip-hop wilderness (half of those spent in the shadow of his slightly more accomplished dad Peter Gunz), Cory Gunz is finally ready to let loose. Unlike the Bow Wow and his ilk, who ultimately cater to the opposite sex, this teen titan is more interested in spewing razor-shape rhymes like a young Big L. His Best Kept Secret mixtape is a must-listen for fans digging for lyrical gemstones.

6. Nipsey Hussle

Crenshaw, Cali native Nipsey Hussle is one of the west's most exciting new artists since The Game. Hussle is blessed with a bulbous snarl that hearkens to his Cali upbringing. And he knows just how to use his gift: kicking sharp rhymes over bass-heavy beats, crooning anthemic choruses, and sharply telling dark stories about his 'hood. His debut, South Central State of Mind, is due out in Spring 2010.

5. Dessa

The career span of a female rapper in today's music industry is somewhere between six months and Kid Sister. But Doomtree's Dessa seems to have found a way to make herself relevant for the long haul. She released a book of poetry and prose dubbed Spiral Bound, followed it up with her debut album, and then toured tirelessly to promote both. Her ability to seamlessly merge spoken word, poetry, and emceeing into one big pot of gumbo is refreshing.

4. Drake

If success is a journey and not a destination, then Drake's next pit stop is to do with his debut album what he did with his So Far Gone mixtape. The "mixtape that sounded like an album" paid unprecedented dividends for this Canadian rap-R&B double threat. So Far Gone sold like hot cakes and sent two songs to the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

3. Freddie Gibbs

Indiana is better known for its football legacy than for churning rap stars. Freddy Gibbs has a chance to change all that. Gibbs made some noise in 2009 with two brilliant mixtapes, The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs and Midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik. His sound hearkens to the days of hardbody beats and grimy rhymes delivered with such authenticity that betrays familiarity with the criminal life.

2. J.Cole

J Cole boasts a powerful combination of street sensibility and crossover appeal. Think Jay-Z with a hint of AZ. As the first padawan recruited by Jedi Carter's Roc Nation, he's armed with the right promotional tools to make a run for the top. The Force is strong with this one indeed.

1. Jay Electronica

Without an album to his name, Jay Electronica already has artists from all across the States singing his praise. Nas, Just Blaze, and Bun B are only a few of the respected hip-hop heads that publicly cosigned the New Orleans lyricist. Jay truly has a chance to blow up like Nitro and dynamite sticks (word to Biggie). If "Exhibit C" is any indication, 2010 is going to be the year of Electronica.

via: henrys blog

10 Most Wanted Hip-Hop Albums of 2010

As we ease into 2010, here are 10 hip-hop albums worth keeping an eye on this year. The list includes eagerly awaited releases from Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, and OutKast.

Honorable Mention: Jean Grae's Cake or Death, Dr. Dre's Detox, Chamillionaire's Venom

10. Reflection Eternal - 'Revolutions Per Minute'
© Michael Buckner/Getty Images

The early verdict on Reflection Eternal's sophomore LP is that it could be one of the year's most memorable albums. The duo of Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek unleashed "Just Begun," a compelling posse cut with Jay Electronica and J Cole, to whet our appetite.

Street Date: April 6, 2010

9. Madlib & DOOM - 'Madvillainy 2'

Madlib is quietly having a run as one of hip-hop's greatest producers. He was highly instrumental (excuse the pun) to Mos Def's successful outing on The Ecstatic. He has now teamed up with the elusive DOOM (formerly known as MF Doom) to rekindle their Madvillainy series. If you're still on the fence, treat yourself to this hard-hitting sample of Madvillainy 2. Street Date: TBA

8. Eminem - 'Relapse 2'

Relapse was originally intended as a double album, but Eminem changed his mind at the last minute. The second installment is supposedly more personal than the first. Eminem re-released Relapse in December 2009 with 7 bonus cuts as a holdover to "tide the fans over until we put out Relapse 2 next year." Guest List: Dr. Dre, Eminem
Street Date: Unknown

7. Jay Electronica - 'Abracadabra'

Without an album or a hit single to his name, Jay Electronica already boasts buzz unheard of since 50 Cent's debut. Jay is set to record a group album with Mos Def and Curren$y, which will be followed by his own solo debut. Guest List: Mos Def, Just Blaze
Street Date: Unknown

6. Drake - 'Thank Me Later'
© Atlantic Records

Thank Me Later is drake's eagerly awaited debut LP. Expect the Toronto hotshot to seamlessly merge the worlds of rap and R&B on his first outing. Guest List: Jay-Z, Kanye West, Sade, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy.
Street Date: Spring 2010

5. J Cole - 'TBA'

J Cole was the first artist signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation imprint. His hunger is undeniable. In a recent interview with Rap-Up TV, the NC native was quoted as saying, "One year from now I see myself at the Grammys up for best new artist hopefully, best hip-hop album hopefully and I'ma walk away with 18 Grammys. I'ma walk away with best country album and everything man." Street Date: TBA

4. Big Boi - Sir Luscious/Andre 3000 - TBA

Big Boi's first official solo LP has produced three hit singles in the last two years, yet there's no sign of the album on the shelf. There's a good chance that we'll finally see it on shelves this year. Andre 3000 is also rumored to be working on his own solo disc. According to Big Boi, the fans' response to both albums will ultimately determine the future of OutKast as a group.

3. Kanye - 'Good A-- Job'

Kanye West was hoping to finalize his college-themed series with Good A-- Job, but he placed that project on hold to experiment with auto-tune and drum blasts 808s & Heartbreak. With 808s & Heartbreak and all its eccentricities now out of the way, 'Ye has returned to the studio to focus his energy on Good A-- Job, the final installment of the college series. Guest List: Big Sean Street Date: Unknown

2. Nas & Damian Marley - 'Distant Relatives'

Nas and Damian Marley have been hard at work on Distant Relatives since 2008. The duo also tapped the services of a live band for the project, so expect it to be musically rich. Nas has said that he'll start working on his 10th solo album, following the release of Distant Relatives. Proceeds from the records will go toward building a school in Africa. Guest List: Stephen Marley, K'Naan, Erykah Badu, Joss Stone
Street Date: March 2010

1. Lupe Fiasco - 'Lasers'
© James Knowler/Getty

After going through a laundry basket worth of suggestions, including Lupe Fiasco's LupE.N.D. and The Great American Rap Album, Lupe has finally settled on Lasers as the title of his third album. The album finds Lupe experimenting more than ever. Guest List: Soundtrakk, Matthew Santos, The Neptunes
Street Date: March 2010

via: henrys blog

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Illustrations by Genaro De Sia Coppola

Check out these sick! vector illustrations by Genaro De Sia Coppola. He is an artist based in Barcelona, Venezuela. They have a futuristic psychedelic feel to them.