Sunday, October 31, 2010

Roman Zolanski Vs Slim Shady

FYI: Niki Minaj's alter ego borrows "it's" name from world famous Director/SEX OFFENDER Roman Polanski (Google Him) *shrugs* interesting to me

1:24-2:31 only thing that matters really...

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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Check out famous siblings Jaden and Willow Smith in the Buy Life campaign which aims to provide medical attention and shelter to those living with HIV Aids.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Interview - Lil Dee Gods Gift

There's something about certain artists that stand out to me. I have met Lil Dee on several occasions, when it comes down to it, he's not your average artist. I got a chance to sit down with him, chop it up and homie had some good stuff to say.

Tell me about Lil Dee Gods Gift.

Lil Dee:
I'm a 21 yr old artist born and raised in New Orleans on a mission to make good music and change peoples lives.

What makes you stand out from other hiphop artists?

Lil Dee:
I would have to say the fact that I don't curse in my music and I rap about my life. Everyone's life is different but everyone doesn't rap about what their going through. In my music I give you everything you need to know about me and I feel thats rare now days.

Being a younger artist, does it have any setbacks as a musician?

Lil Dee:
At first when I was in school it took its toll with me not being able to get in some spots to perform , but there are good things about me being so young doing this music. So at the end of the day, I think it equals out well.

Who would you say influenced you musically?

Lil Dee:
I listen to all types of music so I would have to say Biggie, Nas, a band called "Boston" would be my biggest. Being around and working next to Kenoe helped me out a lot at a young age.

Where did you get your name an what made it stick?

Lil Dee:
Well, I get the Lil Dee from my family, my dad is Big Dee so its only right that I'm Lil Dee. The second half, Gods Gift came in when I was 15, I felt like God gave me a gift and me using His gift is my present back to him.

What upcoming projects are you workin on?

Lil Dee:
I'm working on a new mixtape set to drop Christmas day, I'm also working on a live mixtape with the band FlowTribe and in the process of puttin together my first dvd tape.

How can people get in touch with you?

Lil Dee:
You can reach me via email at or on twitter @LilDeeGodsGift

Thank you for your time, is there anything that you would like to add?

Lil Dee:
I wanna shout out Tae for giving me this interview! The whole Zone Gang and download "The Spokesman" Mixtape at

Thursday, October 21, 2010

*New Music* Heart of the City - Dice

Dice..Dice..Dice what can I say, after listening to this track, Heart of the City, you'll see why Dice is proud to call Houston his home. Houston should also be proud to call Dice one of their artists. Check out this track, give us feedback and be on the lookout for him. I'm sure he'll be blasting on a radio station near you.

  Heart of the City by TheSweetLyfeBlog

Monday, October 18, 2010

*New Music* I'm Spaceship Fly - G Ron

I am privileged to say that I come in contact with some really talented artists. If you listen to G Ron, you'd never believe that he was from Acres Home (Houston), TX. But he is. Check out "I'm Spaceship Fly" and give us some feedback.

 Spaceship Fly - G Ron by TheSweetLyfeBlog

Saturday, October 16, 2010

#Fiasco Friday

Let's not forget that there was a #FiascoFriday march in Chicago yesterday, too. Here are some pics of it and guess what; none other than Lupe's mom came out to show those kids some love.

His album will be dropping 3-8-11...
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Friday, October 15, 2010

*New Music* People Talk - Soopa

This 18 year old Broward County Florida representa caught me by surprise on Twitter. I had him send me a few tracks and man was I blown away. How could a kid, ahem, a young man of the tender age of 18 sound so much of the age of 27+? Check out Soopa, with the right guidance, he's going somewhere.

People Talk - Soopa by TheSweetLyfeBlog

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interview - Tha Cartel

I got a chance to talk to one of New Orleans "NOLA Nominated" duos and they had quite a bit to say about themselves. I do believe you need to remember their name because they just might be playing on a station in your vicinity soon. Check out what Tha Cartel had to say:

Who is Tha Cartel and how do you stand out from being another run of the duo?

We’re original, we’re fresh, we young, we livin, from the music we do to the way we carry ourselves! We do what we feel needs to be done or said, we aint cutting no corners. We put a lot of passion and work into our craft, we dedicated.

I feel like we’re bringing it back to the days when the music was authentic. Yeah,we brag in our songs and make catchy music too, but its not a gimmick and the people can tell. We put a lot into what we do and pay close attention to details which is what I feel a lot of people lack nowadays.

What inspired y'all to become rappers?

I used to write poetry in middle school and actually, I still do from time to time. But the love of music just being around my family- my cousin-in-law was in St.Aug band. My other cousin was in the band at Sarah T. Reed. They kept me exposed to different kinds of music and I fell in love with it. Plus, growing up around C-Murder and the No Limit empire at its peak exposed me to a lot and really made me wanna do this.

Money, hoes, cars, and clothes (laughs)! Nah, but one of my cousins was doing his thing and I really looked up to him. I had written raps before but they were on some bogus type stuff, rapping bout stuff I never knew of. But as I hung around him more I started writing on my own but I didn’t tell nobody. He had a track that I liked and I wanted to get on, so I told him I’d write a verse. That was my first recorded song ever, from there it was history!

How did you link up together and what gives you the chemistry to be able to work together?

Tha Cartel:
We met in the middle school. We both were solo artist, the summer after we graduated high school we did a mixtape together and the chemistry we had was so strong so we decided to go ahead and just keep making music together. We’re really best friends and that makes working together easy.

Who would you say influenced you the most musically?
My cousin Shankaa, he’s the reason I even picked up a pen. I always was a music person though, I grew up listening to all types of hip hop, from Tupac to NWA to Souls of Mischief. I always had a lotta love for local music like Lokee, UNLV, Mystikal, Mac, etc. I just loved the message they portrayed. As I got older and exposed to different genres of music the love I had grew exponentially.

I grew up around No Limit and Big Boy, and naturally Cash Money was big too. Back then, a lot of No Limit and Big Boy records music was very heavily West-Coast influenced, so I was into all that too. A lot of Warren G, Dogg Pound, especially Kurupt and Snoop Dogg. Nas is actually my favorite rapper though, but Im mostly influenced by southern artists and Midwest artists that actually push the limits of what hip hop really is. People like Outkast, Kanye West, and Goodie Mob was so hard, yet different than anything out. But I still try to keep the element of the old school pure New Orleans hip hop and that “bounce” in our music.

What can people expect from you in 5 years?

Hopefully a couple of major label albums, a couple of tours, and a lot of money!! (laughs) For real though, I just want to be respected on the home front, and where ever we go. Whether its major or independent, I want people to be like “Yeah, Tha Cartel, I fucks with them!” Respect means a lot in my book.
What upcoming projects are you working on?

We put out an EP/Pre-Album called “Young N Reckless” that you can download free on Its 8 tracks of some real good music. We are also working on the album called “Cartel Diem : Lifestyles Of The Young N Reckless” which will include the songs from Young N Reckless as well as more unreleased material. That’s gonna be a retail and out-the-trunk release! So be looking for that, it should be out by the top of the year 2011.

How can people get in touch with you?

For booking or any kind of business, you can e-mail us at Anybody that wants to hear any of our music can go to If you rocking with us, you can follow us on twitter at @ThaCartel504 and our personal facebook pages and

Thank you for taking your time to speak with us, is there anything you would like to add?

Tha Cartel: 
Yeah, thanks to you for the opportunity to do this interview. We love everybody that reaches out to us, it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. So, shout out to The Sweet Lyfe Blog, most def. Shoutout to everybody that downloaded our EP and bought our first underground album “Strictly Business”. Just keep our name embedded in your brain cause we aint goin nowhere! We gonna keep trying to hit yall with enjoyable music album after album! New Orleans own, Tha Cartel is here!!!

Mixtape Review - HeataBest - Drop Tha Heat

I've personally been waiting on this mixtape to drop, I first saw Heata Best at the Christmas in August Benefit Concert and if you know me, I tend to be a little tough on artists. I feel like I have to. You can't just put any artist on your showcase and for Ms. A. Domino to get Heata Best for her event could have possibly been the icing on the cake for me. Heata Best released "Drop Tha Heat" on 10.12.10 for the world to hear and I do believe my readers, that was a great choice, it happened to be his birthday. If you like quick witted metaphors, a little slick raunchiness and down right heat, you'll love this mixtape.

Grade: B- (I'm a fan of original beats and I get lost when I hear a beat from a mainstream artist with an underground artist on the track.)
Favorite Track: Light It Up
Least Favorite Track: Miss Me

Drop Tha Heat is available for download: DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Really? O_o

"My New Chick She a Yella Bone" -Shawty Mayne

S/O Vado....

NOLA Underground Hip Hop Awards Nominees

Ms. Tee
Allie Baby
Bzy Bee
Nesby Phips
Truth Universal
Tha Cartel
TNC Boys
Tygah Woods
Lil Dee
Rico Got'em

K. Gates
The Show
Slangston Hughes
Ben Brubaker
Holly Hobbs
OnPoint El
Sess 4-5
Slangston Hughes


Black N Mild
DJ Chicken
DJ Def D
Mike Swift
Tony Skratchere

The Hut
 N.O. Bricks

Rome Julian
B. Mike
Big Chance
Craig"Craigo" Carter
Film Junkies
Kevin Davis
TNC Films
Aye Lifestyle
Idle Mindz
The Sweet Life
Visual Crack

Lil Dee - The Spokesman Vol 1
Nesby Phips - The B Side
The Show - D.O.B.
CrackTracks - Motivation 504
Dee-1 - I Hope They Hear Me
Na'Tee - Guess Who's Comin To Dinner
K. Gates - The Shaikback
Impulss - Marie Laveaux's Hustle
Monsta Beatz - Monstaz On Mars
TheSeKondElement - The Kommencement
Truth Universal - Guerilla Business
Lyrikill - Heart & Sole


Caesar Parkway
K. Gates
Truth Universal
The Show

Impulss Feat. Nesby Phips - Fly Talk
Lil Dee Feat. Snipe - Never Let Go
Mike Swift feat. 9th Ward Gucci & Na'Tee - Back It Up
Quest Feat. PhatWord – Dope
Sess 4-5 Feat. Ms.
Tee – Stingy
Suave Feat. Lyrikill & Caligula - Dont Sell Your Soul
Kashflow Feat. Supreme Team - Supreme Street
Tacaloc Feat. TonToe, Na'Tee, Kendra Williams - One Thing
TheSekondElement Feat. Lyrikill - Dead Or Alive
Rico Got'em Ft. Blair Taylor - Cant Hold Me Down
Caesar Parkway Feat. Na'Tee - Bite ya
A. Levy – NOLA
J. Duddle - 1,2,3,4
KashFlow - Big City Dreams
Y. Luck - Walkin Thru New Orleans
Tygah Woods - Fuck Yeah
AquaForce - Who The Fuck Are You
Truth Universal - The GrassRoots Campaign
Lyriqs - Amazing Dae
10 Finger Orchestra - You Wanna Be Like Me


Big Freedia
Monsta Wit Da Fade
Sissy Nobby
Magnolia Shorty
Gotti Boy Chris

Magnolia Shorty - Smokin' Gun
Big Freedia - Rock Around The Clock
Monsta Wit Da Fade - Hut Hut
Kourtney Heart Ft. Magnolia Shorty - My Boy
Sissy Nobby - Beat It Out The Frame
Crowd Mova Krystal - 6th Ward Dumaine

NOLA Underground Hip Hop Awards 10.19.10

Supreme Street & Traffic Boutique Present: 
NOLA Underground Hip-Hop Awards
October 19, 2010 
Howlin Wolf Den

Featuring: Jay Electronica
Red Carpet Begins at 6:30 PM
Show Begins Promptly at 8:00 PM

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Curren$y – Micheal Knight

The N.O.'s own Spitta returns with his new single “Micheal Knight” off that new album, Pilot Talk 2, dropping on November 16th.

Peep the sound effects lol
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New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie has obviously never heard of condoms.

The star player, traded to the Jets from the San Diego Chargers this past off season, has fathered nine children with eight women in six states according to the New York Post.

There doesn't seem to be a specific type of woman he likes either.

He's fathered children with a then 17 year old, as well as a lawyer and beauty queen.

When the Jets acquired Cromartie, they had to advance him $500,000 on his $1.7 million dollar salary this season, so he could catch up on outstanding child support payments.

This is the final year of a five year, $12 million dollar contract for the player.

"All that glitters really isn't gold," ex-fiancée Rhonda Patterson, a corporate lawyer and former Miss Black North Carolina, said ""It's easy to get wrapped up in the lifestyle that came with being engaged to someone in the NFL -- first-class flights, shopping on Rodeo Drive, living in his Atlanta mansion. It made it easier to overlook the red flags."

Patterson adds that Cromartie broke off their engagement when she was six months pregnant and booted her from his crib.

The latest count has Antonio with babies in Texas, California, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina.

This dude better hope he can get another huge contract because these women all want money for their kids.

Cromartie acknowledges he made mistakes early on in his career, and is trying to be a father to all of his children.

He's currently married to Terricka Cason, a star on the E! reality show "Candy Girls."

Check out the hilarious video below as Antonio tries to remember all of his kids names.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Perfect gift for X-mas 2010

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Interview - Big K.R.I.T.

Tae recently had the opportunity to sit down with Big K.R.I.T. in New Orleans, LA at the Smokers Club Tour and get to know a little the former baseball player about where he wants to be.

Who is K.R.I.T.?

Big K.R.I.T.:
I am a King Remembered In Time, basically a soulful, humble, country musician trying to make timeless music.

How do you feel now as opposed to this time last year? Your fan base has grown so much.

Big K.R.I.T.:
It's a blessing, an opportunity to rap about life and get feedback. People can relate to it and I'm doing what I love, escaping poverty and giving inspiration to people from Mississippi.

Tae: Where do you see your music in 5 years?

Big K.R.I.T.:
I see myself branding my company, Multi Alumn, branding my sound, ushering in the return of "former" which is southern hip hop, the way I remember it.

Tae: I know you need to get on stage, how can people get in touch with you?

Big K.R.I.T.:
Twitter, I run my account so they can hit me up on Twitter @BIGKRIT

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here It Is!

Some of you may be following the SuperUgly movement, some of you may not. For those of you who are, you already know what it is. For those of you who aren't, SuperUgly is comprised of some of the hottest and I repeat the HOTTEST emcees in New Orleans. I say emcees because the way that bars roll off the tongues of Slangston Hughes, SpitRaw, A. Levy, E.D. Nix Lyriqs the Lyriciss, Lyrikill, and a few others (yes, their names escape me at 7:12 AM and I'll hear about it later) is fucking impeccable. This my friends is REAL EFFIN HIP HOP if you feel otherwise, like Bobby Brown sang thats your prerogative. Make sure you have room on your hard drives for the following: